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Reset South Carolina Department of Social Services Child Care Licensing APPLICATION TO OPERATE A CHILD CARE FACILITY I CERTIFY that I understand that I am prohibited by law from applying for a child
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Welcome to the session This is the title of our session proposed 1915 C ID waiver changes So I hope you're in the right room If you're not it's not too late to escape but once we start the doors close, and you're stuck in here So all right everyone's in the right place Welly name is Jeremy Borden Paul, and I'm the Director of Employment and Disservices with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and DevelopmentalDisabilities and this is Shannon Nexus I'll let you introduce yourself before Get going Shannon Nexus I am the Director of Intellectual and Developmental DisabilityServices at Tenner long-term services and supports So we have some good stuff to share with you today but real quick a show of hands how many of you work at provider agency ISC or provider agency Okay uh advocates Self advocate Anyone family member Okay other Okay seems like we've got a pretty good mix and so what'm going to do is try to present this information in a way that makes sense to everyone But of course if you have any question sat all we'll have some time at the end for Q&A but then our contact information will also be up here, so you'll always know how to get a hold of us and so real quick before I get started I wanted to do a quick history trivia pop quiz Is anyone in here happen to know the origin of the term waiver We talk about it a lot We talk about waiver change sand all that kind of go ahead Exactly it waives the requirement that you have to receive services in a facility So you may have known this, and you may not have known this that prior to 1991 if you wanted to get services from the federal Medicaid entity you had to be living in an institution So if you wanted to receive any of those Medicaid services at all and so it's a good thing that since then we've changed the requirements So instead states essentially have a waiver that waives that requirement and allows people to choose and receive services in their home and community So that's a good thing So we're gonna talk about some pretty significant proposed changes to the employment and Day Services administered by DID in the 1915 C waivers, and we'll go ahead and get started I promise twas working just a minute ago There we go Okay success So hopefully if we're successful by the end of the presentation today you'll walk away with a few things — number one I wanKyototunderstandingnd why changes are being made to employment and Day Services in the first place We want you to understand what specific services are changing and at the same time what services may not be changing We want you to understand what those services will look like in practice and how those services will impact you whether you're a provider whether you're a person supported family member; we want you to understand what those services how they will impact you personally So just a little of background and context for why these changes are being proposed in the first place as you may know Tennessee's unemployment first state and that...
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